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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Yoko Ono’s birthday


The City of Reykjavík will light up the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Ms. Yoko Ono’s birthday on 18 February. Elding offers an interesting evening tour dedicated to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s continuing campaign for world peace. Along with them will be children choirs that will sing LOVE. Everyone will participate in meditation including Gong musical sounds.


Viðeyjarstofa og Viðeyjarkirkja

Northern Lights splendor on Viðey Island


The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is attract­ing an increasing num­ber of even­ing guests to Viðey Island. In addition to the numerous guests that att­ended the Relighting Ceremony on 9 October this year Elding brought guests to the island for the gui­ded IMAGINE PEACE TOWER tours. This tour is a great mixt­ure of art­istic, historic and generally [...]

Icelandic Christmas scent in the kitchen at Viðeyjarstofa


Over 100 guests came sail­ing over to Viðey Island to learn the art of car­ving Icelandic leaf-bread. Our hostess, Margrét Sigfúsdóttir, showed people how it‘s done but she‘s the head of Reykjavik’s Home Economic School. In the little kitchen at Viðeyjarstofa our chef mana­ged to fry 500 beautifully car­ved breads in just a few hours. [...]

Kort af Viðey

Þú getur fengið kortið með því að smella á myndina.