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Leaf-bread carving with the hostess at Viðeyjarstofa


We have dedica­ted Sunday 23th November 2013 to the leaf-bread and its tra­diti­ons. The head of Reykjavik’s Home Economic School, Margrét Sigfúsdóttir, will be our hostess and teach us the technique of carving those delicious Christmas breads. Chef de Cuisine Friðgeir Ingi from Gallery Restaurant / Viðeyjarstofa will also be there with a helping hand to make sure all the guests can take home a delicious piece of art ready to eat.


Viðeyjarstofa og Viðeyjarkirkja

The Program on Viðey island 9th of October 2014


There will be a peaceful program on Viðey island on the 9th of October when Yoko Ono will lit the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, in the memory of her late hus­band John Lennon. The ferry rides over to Viðey island start at 6pm and will cont­inue until 7.30 pm. After the lig­ht­ing of the THE IMAGINE [...]

A flavourful Christmas festival in Viðeyjarstofa


The Christmas Festival in Viðeyjarstofa has gaind a consi­dera­ble attention over the years. This year it will cons­ists of a del­isi­ous five course dinner and we set out to create a warm and relaxed ambience in this historic house. Chef Fridgeir Ingi and his team at Gallery Restaurant are prep­ar­ing the festi­val for the fifth year in a [...]

Kort af Viðey

Þú getur fengið kortið með því að smella á myndina.