• Viðey Island - a natural treasure close to the city centre
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  • Imagine peace with Yoko Ono´s masterpiece
  • Milestones by Richard Serra
  • The village that disappeared
  • Family Island
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Caraway seeds picking in Videy


Every year we gather in Videy to pick caraway seeds that grow all around the island. In August the seeds are ready for picking. The Videy caraway seeds are sweater and have a more distinctive taste than the seeds you buy in the shops. It‘s especially good for baking but it‘s also delicious to put it in your coffee.


Viðeyjarstofa og Viðeyjarkirkja

A map of our yoga-hike path


On the pict­ure you can see where we will walk tomorrow night, Tuesday July 29th. We‘ll comb­ine hik­ing, yoga excesses and some relaxation in the end. The gui­dance is free of charge but you have to pay for the ferry. You don‘t have to have any experience in yoga and every­body is welcome!

Stories of houses and people


Our yesterday‘s guide was truly a success. Magnús Sædal was in charge when the houses on Viðey Island were restored and he told us the stories of the houses and of the life on the island from the time of the mona­stery on the 13th cent­ury to our day. Into these stories he twisted the [...]

Kort af Viðey

Þú getur fengið kortið með því að smella á myndina.