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Everyday sails to Viðey island start again for the summer


On May 15 we‘ll start our everyday sail with Elding over to Viðey island from 10:15 until 17:15. From then on we‘ll not only sail from the Reykjavik‘s old harbor and Skarfabakki but also from Harpa concert hall in the centre of Reykjavik. We recommend the longer sail from Reykjavik centre on a nice summer day.


Viðeyjarstofa og Viðeyjarkirkja

An island full of easter egg hunters!


There were over 700 people who came to Viðey Island last week­end to hunt for Easter eggs that were hidden all over the island. The sun was shining and the kids ran across the island on their trea­sure hunt. Some of them found specially mar­ked little eggs and were rew­ar­ded with big­ger eggs, one of them [...]

Beautiful celebration of peace and multiculturalism


What is more app­ropriate than to celebrate peace and multiculturalism on Videy – the island of peace – with a group of beautiful little children from dif­f­erent countries?  On Sunday 8 December the old house on Videy was fil­led with cute little children and their par­ents who came sail­ing to enjoy this happy day with [...]

Kort af Viðey

Þú getur fengið kortið með því að smella á myndina.