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Happy Children‘s day!


We celebrate children‘s day on Viðey island on Sunday July 27th. We especially welcome the youngest members of the family and the program of the day is designed to meet their needs. Viðey is full of life in July and the nature is in its bloom. We will do children’s yoga, play games, play on the shore and send messages in a bottle and there will be a children‘s mess at the old church on Viðey, Finally Lalli the magician will show us all kinds of tricks.


Viðeyjarstofa og Viðeyjarkirkja

Stories of houses and people


Our yesterday‘s guide was truly a success. Magnús Sædal was in charge when the houses on Viðey Island were restored and he told us the stories of the houses and of the life on the island from the time of the mona­stery on the 13th cent­ury to our day. Into these stories he twisted the [...]

24-hour Japanese tea ceremony accomplished!


The tea master Adam Wojcinski fin­is­hed a 24-hour tea ceremony on Viðey island June 20–21 at the Imagine Peace Tower. He sat there for 24 hours, made Japanese tea and med­ita­ted. It‘s def­initely not for everyone to sit outside across the sea on a cold Icelandic sum­mer night wit­hout rest and food. But Adam was [...]

Kort af Viðey

Þú getur fengið kortið með því að smella á myndina.